Beenie Man drops a New Single ‘Do you wanna be that guy?’
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Beenie Man drops a New Single ‘Do you wanna be that guy?’

Still high off the epic Verzuz battle between himself and the veteran Bounty Killer, the King of the dancehall Beenie Man, has drop a new track.

Titled Do You Wanna Be That Guy?, the single is based on the catchphrase that became just as popular as the Verzuz battle itself.

During Round-12 of the live-streamed performance on Instagram with almost 500,000 people tuning in, police officers entered the studio with the obvious intention to end the performance. This was due to breaches of the mandated COVID-19 curfew orders.

However, when Bounty Killer and Beenie Man were made aware of what was happening behind them, Bounty stepped off camera. But Beenie Man made it his duty to inform the viewers of what was happening, and confronted the officers.

After letting the officers know they were streaming live, Beenie ask one of the men, several times, “Do you want to be that guy?”. Meaning the guy who would put an end to what would become the most popular Verzuz battle.

In the single, Beenie Man summarizes the incident with wit, rhymes, and rhythm.

Mi nuh know who call the officer/ but right dere in front the world eyes/here comes these two police guys/ dem intention wasn’t that wise/ suh mi ask/Do you wanna be that guy?

He also used the song to address his inability to perform in the US, and praised Bounty Killer’s impact on dancehall music.

The song was released on Wednesday (June 3), and have racked up almost 1500 views on YouTube. Take a listen here, and let us know what you think!

Beenie Man – Do u wanna be that Guy?

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